Tree trimming in Renton, WA can allow your trees to grow healthier

Do your trees have dead or dying limbs? Removing these can help your trees grow healthier and faster. Plus, it protects your home from the threat of falling branches. You can trust The New Northern Tree Services, LLC for safe tree trimming service in Renton, Washington. We can shape your trees to improve the appearance of your landscape or simply remove limbs to make your space safer.

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When in doubt, don't do it yourself

You may be tempted to try to remove unwanted limbs on your own. However, tree trimming is a science and needs to be done safely and correctly. Our team uses a time-tested technique to remove dead branches without harming the tree or surrounding structure. We use top-quality equipment and customize our approach based on your trees' size and species. Plus, you won't be stuck cleaning up once the job is done. We pride ourselves on leaving our job sites cleaner than we found them.

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